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Ansumara Kamara, Ambassador

My name is Ansumana Kamara and I am from Sierra Leone. I hold a bachelor degree in accounting from the Institute of Public Administration and Management College. In the past three years, I have been working for First International Bank.

When I was attending the Albert Academy Secondary School in the years 2003 to 2007 in Freetown, we were more than a hundred and fifty students in each classroom and there was not enough furniture to accommodate us all. This made the classrooms very uncomfortable and some students had to stand taking notes. After graduating from school, I realized that sitting accommodation is a huge problem not only in my school but also across many schools in the country. As a student there was very little I could do to help.

Years have passed by and I found myself to be part of Education West Africa just after its founding in 2009. I have always been volunteering in supporting the work of the charity; from facilitating local travelling from Lungi Airport to Freetown and help in providing essential information to visiting members of EWA. I also give advice on how to economically spend money on local goods and services. I am very keen to help the charity as an ambassador, especially as I am a resident of Sierra Leone and have had firsthand knowledge of the difficulties teachers and pupils have in unfurnished, overcrowded classrooms.